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The senior management of the CMF Family have many years of operational experience in cross-border trade, supply chain security, and managing complex threats in high risk environments. As a mission, the group contributes with the development of customized risk solutions aimed at mitigating risk, ensuring continuity of operations and safeguarding clients' assets.

CMF was founded in 2006 in Los Angeles, California (USA) by a decorated U.S. Marine Non-Commissioned Officer with combat tours in the Middle East and operational deployments in a multitude of countries. Following a distinguished military career in the Marines, his strong desire for serving his community in Los Angeles County, lead him to an extensive law enforcement career working for police agencies throughout Southern California.

The President of the CMF Family continued his professional career as a Corporate Security Director for a NYSE-listed commercial real estate company responsible for the Security and Loss Prevention division of multi-million dollar commercial and residential properties. He was then recruited to become an advisor to business executives and investors entering the Latin American market in a variety of holdings in oil and gas, manufacturing, real estate, insurance, transportation, telecommunications, and hospitality.

As a dual US/Mexican citizen, he then continued in his commitment to helping his clients succeed in some of the most challenging environments by personally leading his well-established network of operatives and resources from CMF's headquarters in Mexico. His effective leadership and compelling vision inspired his network of experienced professionals to create long-term strategic partnerships and mergers with companies that complement each other in their offerings and are able to deliver dynamic and intelligence-driven risk management solutions anywhere in Latin America. As our regional market share and footprint in Latin America continue to grow, the CMF Family will move significantly closer to becoming a global provider of risk solutions.

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